NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Cole Eiserman

By Matt Stathopoulos


NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Cole Eiserman
As the 2024 NHL Draft approaches, one name that has been buzzing in hockey circles is Cole Eiserman.
Hailing from Newburyport, Massachusetts, Eiserman has been making waves in his U18 season with USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) in Plymouth, Michigan. With a commitment to play college hockey at Boston University (BU) next season, Eiserman’s journey to the NHL is one marked by talent, dedication and promising prospects.

Eiserman began his stint at the NTDP with an impressive U17 season, where he recorded an amazing 72 points in 42 games. Now, as a U18 forward, he is on track to surpass that point total, demonstrating his continuous growth and development on the ice.

What sets Eiserman apart is not just his statistics, but his ability to be a noticeable difference-maker. While potentially playing alongside several other top NHL prospects at BU, Eiserman will be looking to show that he can carry his personal success in addition to the success of the team.

Throughout his time at the NTDP, he has consistently opted for sticks from Bauer, particularly from the Vapor line. Whether it’s the original Vapor HyperLite during his U17 season or the Vapor HyperLite 2 most recently in his U18 year, Eiserman’s choice of sticks reflects his trust in Bauer’s quality and performance.

Moreover, Eiserman’s belief in Bauer extends beyond sticks when you include his Re-Akt 150 helmet and Supreme Mach skates. Pants and gloves are a different story, though, as all NTDP players are required to wear specially designed Nike pants and True Catalyst 9X gloves, courtesy of partnerships between the program and those brands. 

This familiarity with Bauer equipment should make Eiserman’s transition to BU a comfortable one. The school already has a known partnership with the company, and many of its current players opt for Bauer sticks, too. 

Looking ahead, Eiserman’s journey to the NHL is filled with possibilities. Depending on the team that selects him in the draft and his performance at BU, Eiserman may sign an NHL contract sooner rather than later. It’s possible he spends only one season with the Terriers, but some think it’s likely he’ll be there for at least two seasons for development purposes. Regardless of the timeline, one thing is certain: Eiserman will have every opportunity to prove he belongs at the professional level.

From an equipment standpoint and likely endorsement deal when he turns pro, Bauer seems to be the safe bet here. Based on his amateur career and equipment preferences thus far, Eiserman’s allegiance to Bauer appears strong. However, as with any prospect, there’s always a hint of uncertainty. 

In the past year, a similar assumption could’ve been made with Chicago Blackhawks budding star Connor Bedard. Some are surprised that he eventually chose Sherwood, after what appeared to be a slam-dunk for Bauer. 

In the case of Eiserman, though, his journey from the NTDP to BU in a few months will be a testament to his talent, dedication and potential. His skill set, work ethic and equipment preferences have him poised to make a significant impact in the world of hockey for years to come. Keep an eye on this rising star as we get closer to the NHL Draft and beyond.

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