Bauer Supreme Mach Skates

Bauer Supreme Mach's first sighting: Nikita Kucherov in September 2021 at Tampa Bay’s training camp.

Bauer Supreme Mach's notable moments:

• Kucherov and Kirill Kaprizov wore Supreme Mach skates from the beginning of the 2021-22 season. The next NHL player to be seen with them wasn’t until March 2022 — Kevin Fiala at practice.

• Hilary Knight wore Supreme Mach skates with the USWNT for the duration of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

• In November 2022, Zach Parise switched to the Supreme Mach model after wearing CCM skates for a long time.

How do the skates look?

The latest Supreme model from Bauer is ideal for players who prefer a sleek all-black look. Unlike the Ultra Sonic skates that had some gold, the Mach’s look is closer to that of the Supreme 1S model — which you may recall was a mostly black boot with white lines and accents mixed in. “Bauer” is displayed four times on the Supreme Mach — once on each side in the traditional spot beneath the laces, another on the backside of the boot by the heel, and at the top of the tongue. “Supreme” is written at the top of the tendon guard, on the backside of the skate, as well as on the tongue just beneath “Bauer.” It can also be seen on both sides of the boot, beneath “Bauer,” though both appearances are rather faint. Bauer’s new logo is arguably the most noticeable part of the skate’s backside, as it is located near the midway point for great brand recognition. Up close, you can see the boot’s base layer has a checkerboard design with two shades of black — not a major difference but different enough to give it a cool look. The Tuuk holders are fairly standard and what you’d see on several other Bauer skates.

Why are the Bauer Supreme Mach skate's unique?

Supreme Mach skates are described by Bauer as the next generation of power. The boot consists of a 12K Carbon Curv composite material, which makes it sturdier and allows for maximum acceleration. The sturdiness also will help the boot maintain its feel and performance for a long time. The most important feature of the skate’s build arguably is the Active Motion Performance (AMP) flex. This technology allows more forward flex at the top portion of the skate, allowing for quicker reactions and more strength in every stride. The skate’s tongue uses technology known as “powercoil,” which improves recoil speed and adds pop to every stride. Once again, Bauer includes a trigger removal system in the skate’s holders – this has become a major staple in Bauer’s skates for more than a decade because it allows users to choose their preferred steel option, depending on their style of play.

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