NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Cayden Lindstrom

By Matt Stathopoulos


NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Cayden Lindstrom
Certain names in hockey start to echo long before they hit professional ice. Cayden Lindstrom is one such name, a beacon of promise in the world of hockey prospects.

Hailing from Chetwynd, British Columbia, Lindstrom has been making waves as a standout player for the Medicine Hat Tigers of the Western Hockey League (WHL). With his remarkable skill and work ethic, Lindstrom has firmly established himself as a top prospect for the 2024 NHL Draft.

Lindstrom’s journey to this point began with his debut season in the WHL a year ago. As a 16-year-old, he showcased his potential by recording 42 points in 61 games. However, it was his second full season (2023-24) with the Tigers that truly turned heads. Despite facing a setback due to an injury in January, Lindstrom’s production skyrocketed, tallying 46 points in just 32 games. His remarkable rate of more than a point per game has all but cemented his status as a top-10 prospect in this year’s draft.

Standing tall and possessing a lethal scoring touch, Lindstrom is the epitome of the modern power forward NHL teams covet. His combination of size, skill and determination makes him a valuable asset for any team looking to bolster the front end of its roster. Teams such as Chicago, San Jose and Montreal are undoubtedly keeping a close eye on Lindstrom as they prepare for the upcoming draft and eventually find out where they’ll be selecting in the first round.

One aspect of Lindstrom’s game that has garnered attention is his choice of equipment. Opting for True sticks, Lindstrom follows in the footsteps of another top prospect, Tij Iginla. True may not have the same level of recognition as other hockey brands in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), but the fact that it is represented by two top prospects could be exactly what it needs in this day and age. Lindstrom relies on the HZRDUS PX stick and the SVH Custom model skates from True, showcasing his confidence in arguably the two most important pieces of equipment.

Despite the requirement for CCM gear in other categories with the CHL, Lindstrom’s allegiance to True sticks remains unwavering. With a successful season under his belt, we’d say it’s unlikely that Lindstrom will make a switch anytime soon. As he looks ahead to the NHL Draft and beyond, Lindstrom’s partnership with True is poised to continue.

As Lindstrom prepares for another season with Medicine Hat, his focus remains on honing his skills and elevating his game to new heights. With each passing season, he inches closer to achieving his dream of playing in the NHL. With True sticks by his side, Lindstrom is ready to make a seamless transition to the professional ranks when the time comes. Of course, there is always a possibility that he develops an itch, and perhaps he surprises with a new stick in his hands in the near future. Only time will tell, and it’s important to keep the superstitions of hockey players in mind.

While the future is uncertain, one thing is clear: Cayden Lindstrom is destined for greatness. Whether he’s donning the jersey of an NHL powerhouse or leading the charge for the Tigers, Lindstrom’s impact on the ice will undoubtedly be felt for years to come. As fans eagerly await his NHL debut, one thing is for certain — the best is yet to come for this rising star.

Photo Credit: Larry Brunt 

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