TRUE SVH Custom Skates

TRUE SVH Custom's first sighting: Mitch Marner was seen wearing TRUE SVH Custom skates during a game in mid-October 2022.

TRUE SVH Custom notable moment's:

•Conor Garland had been wearing the original TRUE Pro Custom skates for years, until January 2023 when he switched to the SVH Custom model.

•Nicolas Aubé-Kubel had been experimenting with a few different brands in recent years. He switched to the SVH Custom model in January 2023 and wore them for the rest of the season.

How do the skates look?

TRUE SVH Custom skates are not much different than their predecessor, the TF Pro. They still consist of mostly black boots with silver logos and white text. The iconic four-stripe silver logo is certainly the one that stands out most, as it has become the main identity for all TRUE skates. “TRUE” is visible in only a few places on the boot, and it’s fair to say that none are ideal when it comes to brand recognition (including the backside of the tendon guard). One could argue that this area doesn’t lend itself to a ton of exposure anyway. Another spot is the upper part of the boot near the ankle, but the text is extremely faint and visible only from close range. Overall with this model, TRUE maintained its unassuming style and limited brand “hits” of its predecessor.

Why are the TRUE SVH Custom skate's unique?

The SVH Custom model is a renewed look for one of the most advanced skates in the game. Much of this advancement stems from TRUE’s intent to provide a complete custom fit for all users. The “no two pairs of skates are the same” or “one of one” phrases, if you will, are an ideal way of describing the SVH Custom. TRUE continues to feature its signature 3D anatomical foot scan, which truly makes all of its skates unique and assures a proper fit. From there, custom options are selected — ranging from tongues, liners and tendon guards. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance custom experience, the SVH Custom model may be worth your while.

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