Sherwood Hockey’s Rise: From Resurgence to NHL Stardom

By Matt Stathopoulos


Sherwood Hockey’s Rise: From Resurgence to NHL Stardom
Aiming for the big fish certainly comes with risk and intimidation in some cases, but the rewards could prove to be endless if executed properly. In recent times, one brand has been making big splashes across the NHL, asserting its presence with a lineup of top-tier players choosing its sticks and equipment — Sherwood Hockey.

Early last week, Sherwood boasted eight NHL players using its sticks, including household names such as Connor Bedard, William Nylander, Matthew Tkachuk and Alex DeBrincat. However, their ascent reached a new milestone a few days later when Montreal Canadiens forward Juraj Slafkovsky was spotted using the company’s Rekker Legend Pro model stick in a game against the Florida Panthers.

This move marks a significant stride for Sherwood in its quest to solidify its position in the hockey equipment market. The brand has garnered praise for its dedication to producing high-quality gear catering to players of all levels. Its recent success can be traced back to the strategic signings of prominent NHL stars in major markets such as Nylander of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Bedard of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Now, Sherwood has expanded its footprint into the realm of another Original Six team and hockey-crazed market — with the Montreal Canadiens and Slafkovsky. This move holds symbolic significance if everything goes as planned. Montreal, sometimes regarded as the hockey capital of the world, serves as a prime stage for showcasing Sherwood’s prowess.

Slafkovsky’s adoption of the Sherwood stick comes at a crucial juncture in his burgeoning NHL career. As the 2022 first overall pick, he carries the weight of expectations, and his recent performance with the Sherwood stick has been promising. In three games with the new twig he has already recorded a goal. While there are no guarantees of him using the stick throughout the season, this initial display bodes well for Sherwood’s aspirations of a long and fruitful partnership with the rising NHL star.

The importance of having a brand represented on prominent stages cannot be overstated in the competitive landscape of professional sports. Sherwood understands this, and by aligning itself with top-caliber players like Slafkovsky, the brand ensures visibility in the largest hockey markets.

As Slafkovsky continues to carve his path in the NHL, Sherwood stands poised to ride the wave of his success. With each goal scored and every game played, the Sherwood logo emblazoned on his stick serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in hockey equipment. Perhaps it is followed up with gloves down the road. Time will tell, but for now a very important seed has been planted.

Sherwood Hockey’s emergence across the NHL, bolstered by these strategic endorsements and the recent sighting of Slafkovsky, signals a new chapter in the company’s journey. With its sights set on continued growth and prominence in the hockey world, Sherwood is well positioned to leave an indelible mark and continue growing in the sport for years to come. 

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