NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Zeev Buium

By Matt Stathopoulos


NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Zeev Buium
Among the players poised to make a significant impact on the NHL’s future is Zeev Buium, whose meteoric rise through the ranks has placed him squarely in the sights of NHL scouts. With an impressive trajectory in recent years, Buium’s journey from the National Team Development Program (NTDP) to the University of Denver Pioneers has been a great one. 

Buium’s initial steps toward hockey stardom began within the prestigious confines of the NTDP in Plymouth, Michigan. It was there the young defenseman steadily progressed from his U17 season to the following year with the U18s. After a year’s worth of seasoning, Buium’s contributions on the ice became increasingly evident, culminating in an impressive stat line that caught the attention of scouts across the hockey world. 

Transitioning from the NTDP to collegiate hockey, Buium’s arrival at the University of Denver marked a significant milestone in his career. As a freshman for the Pioneers, he wasted no time in making his presence felt, quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. His remarkable ability to contribute offensively, coupled with solid defensive play, have set him apart from his peers and earned him widespread acclaim within the hockey community. 

One of the most striking aspects of Buium’s ascent has been his offensive production this season. Despite the demanding nature of collegiate hockey, the defenseman has consistently found ways to generate scoring opportunities, amassing an impressive 48 points in just 38 regular-season games. Such prolific numbers from a defenseman are a testament to Buium’s skill, determination and ability to thrive under pressure. 

As Buium prepares to lead Denver in its quest for a national championship, the spotlight shines ever brighter on the prospect. With NHL scouts closely monitoring his progress, there is a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding his potential selection in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. Many experts believe that Buium has the makings of a top-10 pick, a testament to his exceptional talent and undeniable impact on the game. 

From an equipment standpoint, Buium could be described as a Bauer representative by choice but a Warrior representative by obligation. The Pioneers currently have an agreement in place that requires all players to wear Warrior pants, helmets and gloves. As a result, Buium has opted for an Alpha One helmet and Covert QRE gloves this season. 

His Bauer preference for sticks and skates likely stems from his experiences at the NTDP. Last season while on the U18 roster, Buium chose the original Vapor HyperLite stick and HyperLite model skates. With Denver, the Vapor HyperLite 2 stick and HyperLite 2 skates are his preferred tools. 

A full Bauer setup is the easy prediction for when Buium eventually turns pro. However, despite the likelihood of him being selected in the first round of this summer’s draft, many would expect Buium to return to the University of Denver for his sophomore season. This could open the door to him trying a new stick or new skates should he develop curiosity. 

For Buium, the journey is far from over. With his sights set firmly on achieving greatness at the highest level of professional hockey, he remains focused and determined to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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