NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Zayne Parekh

By Matt Stathopoulos


NHL Draft Diaries: Equipment Edition - Zayne Parekh
The 2024 NHL Entry Draft is generating considerable buzz, and one name that keeps surfacing is Zayne Parekh. A native of Nobleton, Ontario, Canada, Parekh is making waves as a standout defenseman for the Saginaw Spirit in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Scouts and analysts alike are projecting him to be a top-10 pick in this year's draft, which will be held in Las Vegas. His impressive stats, dynamic playing style, and intriguing equipment choices are all contributing to his growing reputation as one of the most exciting prospects in recent memory.

Parekh broke into the OHL as a 16-year-old during the 2022-23 season. In his rookie campaign, he notched an impressive 37 points in 50 games. Such numbers are notable for any young defenseman, especially in a league as competitive as the OHL. However, it was the 2023-24 season that saw Parekh truly showcase his potential. He tallied a staggering 96 points in 66 games, a rare feat for a defenseman. This explosive production firmly established him as a top-tier offensive defenseman and significantly boosted his draft stock. His ability to contribute consistently on the scoreboard and still maintain his responsibilities in the defensive zone makes for a rare combination that NHL teams covet.

Parekh has a natural ability to move the puck up the ice with ease, often initiating offensive plays from the back end. His vision and passing skills allow him to set up teammates for scoring chances, making him a valuable asset on the power play. Despite his offensive prowess, Parekh does not neglect his defensive duties. He has shown considerable growth in his ability to read plays, positioning himself effectively to break up opposing attacks. This balance of offensive flair and defensive reliability makes him a highly attractive prospect for NHL teams.

From an equipment standpoint, his preferences add an element of intrigue to his profile. Throughout his two seasons with the Saginaw Spirit, one constant has been his preference for True skates, specifically the SVH Custom model. These skates are known for their custom fit and performance, which likely contribute to Parekh's smooth skating and agility on the ice.

When it comes to sticks, Parekh's choices have been more varied. During his rookie season, he primarily used CCM sticks. However, in his breakout 2023-24 season, he switched to the Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2. Given his remarkable production this past season, it's tempting to speculate that he might stick with Bauer going forward. Yet, his willingness to switch brands might suggest that he is continually seeking the best equipment to maximize his performance.

One detail to note is that the rest of Parekh’s equipment is all CCM, due to the OHL’s partnership with the company.

As the 2024 NHL Entry Draft approaches, the suspense around where Parekh will land continues to build. His blend of offensive talent and defensive reliability makes him a coveted prospect for many teams picking in the top 10. His ongoing development will be closely watched, as will his equipment choices. Whether he continues with Bauer or experiments with other brands, Parekh's adaptability and quest for excellence are clear.

As they say, “Parekh” is a name to remember as the NHL Draft nears. His remarkable stats and dynamic playing style make him one of the most compelling prospects of 2024. Wherever he ends up, Parekh's future in the NHL looks incredibly promising, and fans and scouts alike will be eagerly watching his journey unfold.

Photo Credit: Chris Tanouye

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