Leon Draisaitl: Why Did He Ditch the Orange Graphics?

By Matt Stathopoulos


Leon Draisaitl: Why Did He Ditch the Orange Graphics?
Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers has stirred up some intriguing speculation about the sticks he’s been using for the past year or so. It all began in early March 2023 when the graphics of his stick suddenly changed from the orange-and-black Warrior Covert QR5 Pro to the neon-and-black Alpha LX2 Pro.

Draisaitl, a standout player in the NHL, has long been associated with Warrior sticks. Over the years, he has showcased various models, depending on the new ones that Warrior has regularly produced. Based on his sticks that have appeared on websites such as ProStockHockey.com, it is safe to assume that some variation of a Covert build is his preferred model — regardless of what the graphics of his stick might indicate.

The switch to an Alpha LX2 Pro added a layer of mystery to his stick selection process. Why would he switch from the graphics of a stick that blended so well with the Oilers’ team colors to graphics that are pretty much the complete opposite? 

The Covert QR5 Pro from Warrior was released just ahead of the 2022-23 NHL season. It was a refreshing new look for Draisaitl when he was first spotted with the stick at Oilers training camp in September 2022. It seemed like the most logical choice for the German superstar, blending performance and aesthetics.

However, just as it seemed as though he would embrace the QR5 Pro look for the duration of the season, Draisaitl reverted to the Alpha LX2 Pro graphics a few weeks before the playoffs began. This unexpected change prompted speculation about the motives behind his decision.

One theory suggests that Warrior’s preference is to have Draisaitl promoting the Alpha line, and that they may already have plenty of coverage through other players promoting the Covert line. As a prominent figure in the hockey world, his endorsement holds considerable sway, and aligning with Warrior’s promotional goals could be a driving force behind this.

Alternatively, some might speculate that it was Draisaitl who forced the change. Perhaps the neon-and-black design of the Alpha LX2 Pro resonates with him on a deeper level, fueling his on-ice performance. This might sound absurd to some followers, but it is important to keep in mind that many NHL players carry superstitions that are beyond comprehension. 

While the exact reasoning behind Draisaitl’s switch remains shrouded in mystery, it still remains an interesting topic of debate. There are plenty of unanswered questions that provide fuel for such discussion. Do looks matter that much for Draisaitl? Maybe they matter more to Warrior? Which side initiated the conversation that led to the eventual change? Or was there another reason?

If we had to provide our best guess on what the driving force was, we would say it is Warrior’s preference to have him promoting the Alpha line. At the same time, we would add that Leon isn’t one to put up an argument about it. To back this up, look no further than recent seasons where his sticks were also showcasing graphics from the Alpha line. Some of these include the original Alpha LX Pro and the Alpha DX SL.

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