CCM FT Ghost Stick

CCM FT Ghost's first sighting: Auston Matthews on Day 1 of Toronto Maple Leafs training camp in September 2023.

CCM FT Ghost stick's notable moment:

•Auston Matthews scored a hat-trick with the FTGhost in each of his first two games of the 2023-24 NHL season.

How does the graphic look?

If you’re a player who prefers darker graphics on a hockey stick, then the FTGhost was made for you. A special edition CCM stick for the 2023-24 season, the FTGhost lives up to its name with a spooky all-black look. There are a few lighter hints of color that help identifies the stick, but overall, the FTGhost follows a similar graphic layout as the JetSpeed FT6 Pro. Of course, the main difference is that at about the midway point of the shaft, “FTGhost” replaces “JetSpeed FT6 Pro”. The same text is visible on both sides of the shaft, and once again further up the shaft in much smaller text. “CCM” is in its typical placement shaft’s hosel, but it isn’t very noticeable as it’s written in a slightly lighter shade than the all-black shaft. The CCM FTGhost has an ideal look for players who prefer no distractions and the simplicity of essentially one color.

Why is the CCM FT Ghost unique?

The closest comparison to the FTGhost is certainly the JetSpeed line. However, there are some notable differences in this innovative stick. The shaft shape and blade stiffness would be the two that stand out most. “C Geometry” is the technology used to describe the stick’s shaft shape, while “X Soft Pro” is what makes up the blade. This “C Geometry” includes rounded corners from the end of the stick to the blade, which has never been seen before on a CCM stick. To follow-up with the blade, the “X Soft” tech is expected to be the softest blade that CCM has ever produced. An equation that could potentially lead to one of the most powerful CCM sticks of all time. The feel of the puck on your blade will be superior, combined with comfort in your hands, and a hybrid kick point. The stick only weighs 365 grams, so it remains on the lighter side.

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