Phil Esposito

A former center for the Black Hawks, Bruins and Rangers, Phil Esposito dominated his era and set several NHL records during his 19-year NHL career. As a rookie for the Black Hawks in 1963, Esposito would use a Northland wood stick and Cooper gloves. Despite his hardnosed playstyle and tendency to stand right in front of the net, he would never wear a helmet at any point throughout his career.

For his standards, Esposito started off a bit slow with the Chicago Black Hawks – tallying just 174 points in 235 games before being traded to the Boston Bruins. Once in Boston, Esposito’s production would take off. He would lead the league in assists his first two season with the Bruins and become the first NHL player to score more than 100 points in a single season (he would finish with 126 points, an NHL record at the time).

After leading the league in assists in consecutive years, Esposito turned his attention to goal scoring. For the next six seasons Esposito lead the NHL in goals, including a record setting 76 goal campaign in 1970-71 that would stand as the NHL’s single season goal record until 1982. During this time, Esposito stayed true to his Northland wood stick, but swapped out his Cooper gloves for a pair of CCM gloves and started wearing Bauer skates.

Esposito was traded from the Bruins to the Rangers during the 1975-76 season. While he wasn’t quite the same force as he was in Boston, Esposito still lead the Rangers in points in each full season that he played.

Upon his retirement in 1980-81, Esposito was still using a Northland Wood stick and Bauer skates, but he traded in his CCM gloves for a pair of Jofa gloves.