Chris Chelios

Tied with Gordie Howe for the most NHL seasons played (26), Chris Chelios experienced firsthand the drastic changes in equipment through four decades of professional hockey. In his early years, he was known for his offensive abilities — peaking in the 1988-89 season when he had 73 points in 80 games and captured his first Norris Trophy. As he aged and his offensive numbers began to dwindle, he was still very much a serviceable defenseman who used his size and hockey sense to shut down opponents’ top scorers.

In his early years with the Montreal Canadiens, Chelios used a Sherwood PMP 7000 stick, Ferland gloves, CCM skates and a CCM helmet. He continued to use CCM skates and a CCM helmet throughout the entirety of his 26 NHL seasons.

Due to his long career, Chelios was able to experience firsthand the transition from wooden sticks to composite. In his 1,496 th NHL game (which set a new record for most NHL games by an American at the time), Chelios was spotted using an Easton Synergy stick and gloves.

He went on to play another 155 NHL games before his Hall of Fame career ended. The last gear he used in an NHL game was a Warrior Dolomite stick, RBK 4-Roll gloves, Reebok pants, CCM Tacks skates and a CCM helmet.