Warrior Super Novium Stick

Warrior Super Novium

GearGeek.com's first sighting: Darnell Nurse at an Edmonton Oilers’ captains’ practice in early September 2023.

Warrior Super Novium's notable moment:

•Lukas Reichel switched to a Warrior Super Novium for the Chicago Blackhawks final preseason game just before the 2023-24 season.

How does the graphic look?

2023 is the year of dark graphic sticks, and the Super Novium is Warrior’s way of joining in on the fun. Succeeding the original Novium, the “Super” version looks extremely sharp with its black and silver color scheme. Branding is in the usual spot on both sides of the hosel with “Warrior” written in sizable text. The shaft’s base is all-black, and this Warrior text sits on top with a silver/metallic look. There’s an additional silver section about three quarters the way up the shaft toward the knob. It’s around this area where the stick’s identity is presented as well. On the forehand side, “Novium” can be seen rather faintly. However, on the backhand side it’s more legible and accompanied by “Super” just to the left of it in a rectangular box. These two ‘hits’ are also silver/metallic. Another Warrior staple returns with the circled “W” logo on the heel of the blade. If light colors are your thing with hockey sticks, then it’s probably best to stay away from the Super Novium. But if you enjoy sleek appearance of darker graphics, this may be one of your best choices for the season.

Why is the Warrior Super Novium unique?

They say looks aren’t everything, but the Warrior Super Novium is sure to perform as well as it appears. It’s a mid-kick, weighing only 330 grams, with a rounded corners shaft. The shaft uses Minimus Carbon 25 which enhances strength but still remains thin and lightweight. New to the second Novium is its RL 199 construction. This is key in achieving the stick’s weight, but it also contributes to stronger fibers that add durability. In the blade, Warrior uses a new FuelCore T build. The blade is wrapped with an intense carbon fiber to stay strong and minimize breakdown. At the same time, it’s responsive and provides a great “pop” on all types of shots. The Novium line is still relatively new, but the “Super” edition has improved from the original.

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