Warrior Super Novium Gloves

Warrior Super Novium

GearGeek.com's first sighting: John Marino of the New Jersey Devils began wearing them in early January 2024.

Warrior Super Novium gloves' notable moments:

• John Marino’s switch to the Super Novium gloves came after a brief stint with Bauer gloves.

How does the graphic look?

The Super Novium gloves from Warrior are the first of a new line. In terms of looks, you will immediately notice their resemblance to any four-roll model of gloves from any of the main brands. This classic design is slightly different with these new Warriors, given its contoured fit to the shapes of players’ hands. “Warrior” can be found written as it usually is with their gloves, surrounding and covering most of the cuff area. A particularly noticeable area of the design is in the thumb region. This thumbs are made up of Warrior’s “AXY-Flex” and comes with three parts that you can see from the outer shell. It is here where you’ll find the only reference of “Super Novium” (upper area, just beneath the cuff).

Why are Warrior Super Novium gloves unique?

Warrior hopes to provide an all-around performing glove with this new line of the Super Novium. This glove’s Pro Cuff will extend your range of motion while, but assuringes there will be no loss of protection. Warrior’s EPP foam package, combined with the use of plastic, is inserted throughout the backhand, cuff, and fingers. The Pro X palm is built to last with an embossed grip that combinesmixes in great feel and , in addition to durability. WarTech FNC liner can be found on the inside, and will work to keep moisture, heat, and odor away.

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