TRUE Catalyst Pro Skates

TRUE Catalyst Pro's first sighting: Thomas Chabot wore TRUE Catalyst Pro skates in October 2021.

TRUE Catalyst Pro's notable moments:

•What seemed to be so random, the Buffalo Sabres suddenly had three players — Tage Thompson, Casey Mittelstadt and Victor Olofsson — wearing TRUE Catalyst Pro skates during a game in October 2022.

•Darren Helm completed a TRUE trifecta (stick, gloves and skates) when he added Catalyst Pro skates in March 2022.

How do the skates look?

TRUE Catalyst Pro maintains the standard company look — a black base layer on the boot with silver trim and a few logos. The iconic four-stripe silver logo is visible on both sides of the boot, a staple look for all TRUE skates. There are additional silver lines that gently scratch the sides of the boot, but nothing that distracts from the main design. Similar to the SVH Custom model, “TRUE” is most prominent on the holder of the skate, assuming the user chooses these holders. Otherwise, the the tongue and back of the tendon guard are the only other areas where “TRUE” is visible (but barely). In this particular edition, TRUE decided to put more of a focus on the name of the skate, with “Catalyst” taking its spot near the ankle and “Pro” located on the side at about the middle. Based on the last two models, it’s evident that TRUE has decided to focus on its iconic silver stripe logo as the primary brand hit — which will appeal to those who prefer a sleek, mostly black look.

Why are TRUE Catalyst Pro skates?

In addition to its 3D anatomical foot scan, TRUE is hoping its new thermoformable one-piece shell will provide some extra comfort to those who opt for these skates. The shell is advertised as being softer and more flexible for better range of motion. The toe cap has been redesigned with a lower profile for added agility and reduced weight.

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