TRUE Catalyst 9X3 Stick

TRUE Catalyst 9X3's first sighting: Brady Tkachuk at practice with the Ottawa Senators in late January 2023.

TRUE Catalyst 9X3's notable moments:

•Brady Tkachuk and Mitch Marner both used the Catalyst 9X3 at the 2023 All-Star Skills Competition.

•Timo Meier scored his second and third goals as a New Jersey Devil with the Catalyst 9X3.

How does the graphic look?

Many of TRUE’s sticks over the past several years have been predominantly black. The Catalyst 9X3 is no different. The futuristic design includes silver letters and logos, and a hint of gold trim. The Catalyst 9X3 can be described as “one color matches all.” That’s not to say there won’t be custom designs in the coming months, but it’s yet to be determined. In the meantime, the retail Catalyst 9X3 design consists of “TRUE” in large letters near the kick point. The brand’s logo is in the middle, with “Catalyst 9X3” near the knob. “Catalyst 9X3” is also between “TRUE” and the heel of the blade, in much smaller type. After tinkering with design and layout changes for the Catalyst 9X, TRUE has returned to a more standard format. The original 9X had more of an emphasis on “Catalyst 9X” — the way it was presented in larger type and taking up more space on the shaft. With the 9X3, “TRUE” is more of a focal point and appears in a more traditional way. Additionally, “Catalyst 9X3” is much smaller than the 9X3’s predecessor. The number of NHL players using TRUE increased this season, so it will be interesting to see how many gravitate toward the solid black look. Regardless, we believe the design will be well received by stick enthusiasts.

Why is the TRUE Catalyst 9X3 unique?

The all-new foam core and quad-rib blade structure are two unique features that make-up Catalyst 9X3’s build. The senior stick weighs in at only 350 grams, which is significantly lighter than most sticks on the market. The shaft is enforced with high-grade material to withstand physical play, so the reduced weight should not impact its durability. Other notable shaft features include a square corner, double concave construction, and mid-kick point. TRUE highlights several other notable shaft and blade technologies that are key components of the stick’s construction, but we won’t bore you with them. At the end of the day, this stick was built for the elite hockey player that prefers a light stick and a mid-kick point.

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