TRUE Catalyst 9X3 Goalie Stick

TRUE Catalyst 9X3's first sighting: Jonathan Quick switched from a TRUE HZRDUS PX to a Catalyst 9X3 goalie stick in March 2023.

TRUE Catalyst 9X3's notable moment(s):

•Quick won his third Stanley Cup with a TRUE Catalyst 9X3.

How does the stick look?

The design of TRUE’s Catalyst 9X3 is nearly identical to the player’s version of the Catalyst 9X3. You’ll immediately notice its sleek, black look with “TRUE” in large, silver letters on both sides of the paddle. Just above the handle, you’ll see TRUE’s new logo with the letter “S” in the middle. Near the top and on both sides of the shaft, “Catalyst 9X3” appears in silver, thin and much smaller text than on the paddle. Another “TRUE” sighting can be found just beneath the knob.

Why is the TRUE Catalyst 9X3 goalie stick unique?

The TRUE Catalyst 9X3 is a lightweight goalie stick that highlights feel. TRUE has introduced a traditional shoulder shape for improved durability. At the senior size, the 9X3 weighs 570 grams — 40 grams lighter than the Catalyst 9X that was introduced back in 2021. To counteract the reduced weight, the Catalyst 9X3’s paddle has been re-enforced with six ribs to maintain and possibly improve durability. It’s always a challenge to reduce a stick’s weight and improve durability, but TRUE has seemingly accomplished the feat with the optimized mid-kick Catalyst 9X3.

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