Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Gloves

Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro's first sighting: William Nylander at Toronto Maples Leaf's training camp in September 2023 (note: his Rekker Legend Pro gloves were branded as “Code” for promotional purposes)

Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro glove's notable moment:

•Alex DeBrincat will be wearing the new Rekker Legend Pro gloves in his first season with the Detroit Red Wings

How do the gloves look?

The new Rekker Legend Pro gloves from Sherwood look similar to their predecessor the Element One. One difference is the top of the palm on the new gloves. With the Rekker Legend Pros, a curved line divides the padding in this area to give them their unique look. On the old Element One model, this line was diagonal and straight across from top to bottom. The cuffs are nearly identical with “Sherwood”. Similar to the Element One, “Rekker” can be found on the upper portion of the thumb and Sherwood’s logo at the tip of the thumb. Surprisingly, “Legend Pro” does not follow the word Rekker like “Element One” did in this spot with the old gloves. The only script of “Legend Pro” is found on the wrist guard. In a way it is a more basic glove design with not many distractions. There are still however, enough key features for the Rekker Legend Pro to stand out.

Why are the Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro hockey glove's unique?

The successor to the Element One gloves are a nice upgrade in Sherwood’s Rekker line. The Legend Pros offer great protection, increased mobility, and a fantastic feel to assure your confidence while wearing them. “Viconic Impact Protection” is designed to minimize any contact you feel with these gloves. The “Mobile+” cuff allows free movement for a players’ wrists, which should translate to better stickhandling and better shots. Perhaps best of all, these new Rekker Legend Pro gloves do not require a warm-up session. The AX Suede palm, pro-flex thumb, and lycra finger gussets are ready to go from when you first try them on. This fit is described as contoured and snug around any players’ hands, with minimal weight at just 293 grams. Let’s not forget Sherwood’ premium material used also comes with the ability to prevent moisture build up and to fight off odor causing germs. The name “Legend” could not be more appropriate for a pair of gloves that are ready to give elite players their best performance yet.

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