Sherwood Code TMP Pro Stick

Sherwood Code TMP Pro's first sighting: Quinton Byfield during a game in late April 2022 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Sherwood Code TMP Pro's notable moments:

•Matthew Tkachuk scored the game-winning goal that sent the Panthers to the 2023 Stanley Cup Finals with a Sherwood Code TMP Pro.

•When it was a mystery as to which brand he would choose, Connor Bedard was seen testing a Sherwood Code TMP Pro in mid-May 2023.

•Tim Stützle used a Sherwood Code TMP Pro for parts of a game in late February 2023.

•William Nylander used a Sherwood Code TMP Pro in early December 2022. A few games later, he switched back to a Bauer stick — for only one game. The following game he returned to the Code TMP Pro and never looked back. It led to his eventual signing with Sherwood in February 2023.

How does the graphic look?

This black-and-blue beauty has played a major role in bringing Sherwood back into the game. It’s a rather fancy design with a lot going on near the knob. Even so, you’re able to make out the “Code” reference and new Sherwood logo in the same vicinity. “Code” is also noticeably wrapped on the underside of the shaft, a style seen before on other sticks but a first for Sherwood. “Sherwood” is featured four times on the stick — once on the backhand about midway, in black; another on the forehand, closer to the blade and in white; a third time on the top side of the shaft just under the knob; and on the underside of the shaft near the blade. Given the frequency with which “Sherwood” and “Code” appear, it is interesting to note that “TMP Pro” is visible in only two locations — the top of the shaft near the midway point and the forehand side between “Sherwood” and the heel of the blade (both in rather small type). This design would’ve blended well with some throwback Tampa Bay Lightning uniforms. Regardless, the mostly black makeup allows for a sharp look with most team’s colors.

Why is the Sherwood Code TMP Pro unique?

The Code TMP Pro strives for maximum velocity with less energy exerted by the player. The stick’s carbon fiber allows for efficient flow throughout the entire shaft. It also features an energized velocity taper at the kick point, which is responsible for converting energy into a world-class shot — otherwise described as Sherwood’s best combination of power and precision. If Sherwood is the topic of discussion about a great comeback several years from now, we’ll likely be mentioning the Code TMP Pro as having a huge impact.

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