CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Skates

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro's first sighting: Connor McDavid during a game in late January 2022. The graphics of his skates were those of the Tacks AS-V Pro model, but many believe they were his original JetSpeed skates with “skins” on them.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro's notable moments:

• A few men’s players at the University of Maine were wearing Tacks AS-V Pro skates during the 2022-23 season, with a custom design that hadn’t been seen before. Instead of gold trim on the boots, it featured Maine’s cool blue color and looked very sharp!

• Alex Carpenter of the USWNT was spotted wearing Los Angeles Lakers- and Kobe Bryant-themed Tacks AS-V Pro skates during the team’s Rivalry Series game at Arena in December 2022.

How do the skates look?

If skates have a black and gold combo, it must be from the Tacks line! The new Tacks AS-V Pro model from CCM keeps the color tradition alive. They all seem to have the same makeup, but the details are organized differently with each model. In the case of the AS-V Pros, “CCM” is in the same spots, for the most part, as they were on the AS3 Pros. The only difference is the type is smaller, and it appears at the top of the tendon guard as opposed to slanted along the side — in white to provide a nice pop from the skate’s black base layer. “Tacks” is on both sides of the boot at the midway point. It also shows on the tongue and back of the boot, but in very small type with a color that blends into the boot. “AS-V Pro” can be found on both sides of the boot in the usual spot where the skate’s model is identified (the upper part of the boot/ankle area). Unlike previous Tacks skates, “AS-V Pro” is also written on the backside of the boots. There seems to be a common theme with manufacturers trying to find an extra spot for brand/model identification, and CCM is no different here. With more and more NHL players choosing to wear shot blocker guards, it is certainly a good strategy. A few gold lines cross through the boot’s design to give it a finished look in terms of color. The holder is the standard Speedblade XS from CCM that continues to grow in popularity.

Why are the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro skates unique?

The CCM Tacks AS-V Pro skates are built with their signature one-piece boots and the brand’s elite RocketFrame composite materials. This combination strives for maximum stiffness and explosive power in every stride. Some believe stiff boots may lead to discomfort, but that is not the case with the AS-V Pro skates. The reason being because the skate provides one of the best fits you will find on the market. It wraps and molds to a player’s foot with the entire boot instead of just certain areas. At the top of the skate, its Metatomic tongue and PowerFlex tendon guard are a dynamic duo, working together to maximize energy in every stride. The tongue allows for smooth forward movement, while the tendon guard is flexible enough to minimize any form of resistance. As seen in the other recent CCM skates, the SpeedBlade XS holder completes the AS-V Pro’s build — tool-less dial system for easy and quick blade removal.

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