CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Skates

CCM Ribcor 100K Pro's first sighting: Morgan Rielly began wearing CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates at the start of the shortened 2021 NHL season.

CCM Ribcor 100K Pro's notable moments:

•Nathan MacKinnon ended his long run with Ribcor 70K skates when he switched to Ribcor 100K Pros in early December 2021.

•Artemi Panarin switched to the Ribcor 100K Pro model in September 2022, after many years of wearing JetSpeed or Bauer skates.

How do the skates look?

Skates from the Ribcor line have been known for their mostly black look with white/gray trim and a hint of green. The Ribcor 100K Pro model is no different, and for the most part, follows a similar look to its two predecessors. Both the 70K and 80K Ribcor skates were easily recognizable with their black boots and random silver lines, although CCM logos were much smaller than on the 100K Pro model. In an attempt to make “CCM” stand out more, it appears on both sides of the boot in much larger type. It also can be seen on the back left side of the tendon guard, tongue and toe cap. “100K Pro” is visible on both sides of the boot near the ankle, which is the most popular area for all manufacturers to advertise a skate’s model. “100K Pro” also can be found on the backside of the boot, but you really have to look closely because of its dark grey color. The hint of green on this version of Ribcor is perhaps the most slight that we’ve seen. A very thin green line runs through the center of the boot, connecting two eyelets in an awkward pattern. Adjacent to the thin green line is small text that reads: “One Piece Boot Flex.” Meanwhile, “Ribcor” is accompanied by the Ribcor green symbol on both the inside and outside of the boot, near the toe. Given the enhancement in brand recognition, while maintaining the specific identity of the line, one might argue that the 100K Pro model is the best-looking Ribcor skate that CCM has ever produced.

Why are the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates unique?

The Ribcor 100K Pro skate was the pioneer for CCM’s one-piece flex boot technology, which you’re beginning to see in some of their other skates. The goals of this technology are better energy transfer and a more contoured fit for quicker strides and better agility. Of course, every player wants to move faster and turn more quickly, but they want their skates to be durable. That is where the boot’s RFM composite material comes into play. This material provides added stiffness to assure the boot can endure a long period of constant skating. Arguably the coolest feature of the 100K Pro’s construction is its customizable tongue. Known as the XS tongue system, it allows for easy replacement to give skaters a thinner or thicker fit depending on preferences. The interior of the Ribcor 100K Pro is great with its TotalDri comfort liner, a high-performance, moisture-preventing material. ADPT memory foams complement this interior as well, contributing to a superior fit. The SpeedBlade XS holders on the bottom of the skates pull it all together. These holders are becoming an important identity of CCM and provide easy access for removing and changing blades.

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