CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro Skates

CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro's first sighting: Auston Matthews in September 2022 during the Toronto Maple Leaf’s preseason.

CCM JetSpeed FT6's notable moments:

• Sarah Nurse wore custom “Bright Run”-themed JetSpeed FT6 Pro skates in October 2022.

• Matthews had custom JetSpeed FT6 Pro skates for Movember and SickKids at different points of the 2022-23 season.

How do the skates look?

At first glance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between JetSpeed FT6 Pro and JetSpeed FT4 Pro skates. The design and graphics of the FT6 Pro follow are almost identical to those we saw on the FT4. Upon closer look, you’ll notice the FT6 Pro has its main CCM logo on the outside of the boot in a different and slightly smaller type. Furthermore, there is a silver stripe between the red and white ones that is not present on the FT4s. There is more black on the backside of the FT6, whereas the FT4 is essentially covered with red and white. “CCM” is visible again on the inside of the boot, though in a noticeably smaller type size. The logo appears two more times — on the tongue and top of the tendon guard in a slanted fashion. “JetSpeed” is scattered across the boot multiple times in a small type. The most noticeable area of its presence is on both sides of the boot at about the midway point. “FT6 Pro” is on the upper part of the boot, near the ankle — a popular location on all skates for this model. Completing the skate’s look is the familiar CCM Speedblade XS holder and STEP Blacksteel runner — a “tightened” version of the FT4, if you will. Many features of the FT6 design are similar to the FT4 Pro, but they also have a more sharp and concise appearance.

Why are the CCM JetSpeed FT6 skates unique?

The JetSpeed FT6 Pro consists of an advanced one-piece boot that prides itself as a game-ready fit right out of the box. CCM’s hope is to provide quicker acceleration and overall better performance than the FT4. Comfort is not lost in this new version of the JetSpeed, either. CCM’s memory foam pad wraps around the foot, limiting abrasions and lace-bite. An additional new detail is the ADPT comfort tongue built with Flex Motion. The new tongue is lightweight and provides a balance of fit and performance. The footbed in the FT6 is once again Ortholite Ultralite, which also is found in the FT4. CCM’s Speedblade XS Holder is back for the FT6, but with one noted enhancement: The dial on the holder is 136% larger for easier access and faster blade changes.

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