Bauer Vapor HyperLite Gloves

Bauer Vapor HyperLite's first sighting: Several players on Team Canada at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup in August 2022.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite's notable moments:

•Throughout the 2022-23 season, many NHL players stuck with Vapor 2X Pro gloves. However, when their teams debuted “Reverse Retro” jerseys, several players wore HyperLite gloves with the colors to match the jerseys. From there, those players switched to HyperLite gloves in their teams’ standard colors as well.

•David Krejčí wore HyperLite gloves in the Bruins’ special colors during the 2023 Winter Classic at Fenway Park. It was unusual, considering how loyal he had been to his Vapor 1X Lite gloves.

•Jamie Benn switched to Vapor HyperLite gloves for his 1,000th career NHL game in February 2023.

How do the gloves look?

The new Vapor HyperLite gloves from Bauer are the successors to the Vapor 2X Pro model. They follow a traditional look of having “Bauer” on the cuff that wraps around almost the entire circumference. As is typical with Bauer’s Vapor models, lines can be seen on the bulk of the glove’s shell to assist with its design. In the case of the HyperLite gloves, you’ll notice lines in a triangular shape on the top of the hand. Near this area, the word “Vapor” is tucked in between two ridges of padding. “Vapor” appears again on the inside of the gloves, near the wrist, while also complemented with an “X” logo — something not seen with previous Vapor gloves. One of the more notable differences is the location of Bauer’s new logo, which resembles an “X” but is closed and connected with an additional line on the right side. This can be seen on the thumb, at about the midway point.

Why are the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite's unique?

Top-of-the-line gloves offer pro-style comfort, protection and mobility for all players who rely on these details. Much of the Vapor HyperLite’s construction is what also made the 2X Pro a popular glove option. The relaxed fit allows better movement, which equates to a spectacular feel while shooting and stickhandling. Bauer offers a three-piece finger build with special foam to provide a combination of impact resistance and overall mobility. No protection is sacrificed. The backhand is molded with a Shocklite plate that offers up to 25% more protection than the Vapor 2X Pro. Additionally, the molded cuff roll provides extra coverage at the top. Arguably the most important aspect of gloves is resistance to wear and tear, specifically in the palms. HyperLite gloves contain a “Dura Connekt” palm that is advertised to provide 30% more durability than previous models — also designed to help keep gloves dry and free of odor-causing bacteria. If you’re a player who’s on the ice daily, the HyperLite model from Bauer is for you.

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