Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Skates

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic's first sighting: Michael Frolik while playing for the Buffalo Sabres in February 2020.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic's notable moments:

• Aleksander Barkov has worn Ultrasonic skates in every game since the summer of 2020, when teams were in the Covid bubble.

• Max Pacioretty debuted a custom pair of Ultrasonic skates in March 2020 sans the traditional gold stripe.

• Adam Fox switched to Ultrasonic skates in January 2022, which ended a run of two-plus years with the Supreme 2S Pro model.

How do the skates look?

Supreme Ultrasonic follows a similar color scheme as its predecessor, Supreme 2S Pro. Both have a black, gold and white profile, but the Ultrasonics have significantly more gold to them. The gold in the 2S Pro model was more in the form of trim, as only small traces were along the boot’s corners. The Ultrasonic model, on the other hand, features a much larger gold stripe across the middle of the boot that wraps around to the other side. “Bauer” is visible five times — once on each side in the middle of the boot, once on the tongue, again on the backside at the heel, and lastly on the toe cap (though faintly). “Supreme” is featured in rather large letters on both sides of the boot under the gold stripe and “Bauer” text, but it can be tough to see given the boots’ black base layer — the black “Supreme” in this area doesn’t exactly make it pop. Beyond that, “Supreme” is also visible at the top of the tendon guard and highlighted in gold. “Ultrasonic” is in three different areas of the skate — once on each side of the upper portion of the boot near the ankle, plus on the tendon guard in smaller text beneath “Supreme”. There isn’t much to note about the Tuuk holders, which keep their standard designs from previous models. If it was Bauer’s goal to have this skate stand out more on the ice with the added gold, it’s fair to say they succeeded in doing so.

Why are the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic skates unique?

Bauer’s success with its Supreme line — and all skate lines, for that matter — has never been in question. It was looking to build on this reputation when the Ultrasonic model was introduced in 2020. The skate’s Carbon Curved Composite Quarter Package is designed to be more accepting to heat molding — in other words, the goal is to provide a more contoured fit. Closer to the foot obviously means better comfort, which will then lead to stronger strides and more acceleration. Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the Ultrasonic is the addition of the asymmetrical toe cap. The more aggressive attack angle at which the cap was designed is meant for the skater to be closer to the ice. More proximity can only add to the effectiveness of each stride generated. Expanding on the interior and fit of the skate, Bauer went with its Lock Fit Pro liner, which contributes to the contoured fit. The liner is paired with a new Aerofoam interior that provides additional ankle support. Every now and then a skater may experience discomfort in that area, or “ankle bite” if you will. The new interior of the Ultrasonic was constructed to avoid that at all costs.

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