Bauer Supreme Mach Pads

Bauer Supreme Mach's first sighting: Several NHL goaltenders wore them in January/February 2022.

Bauer Supreme Mach pads' notable moments:

•Bauer Supreme Mach pads are currently the most popular in the NHL, worn by 19% of goaltenders.

•2023 Vezina Trophy winner Linus Ullmark uses Bauer Supreme Mach pads.

•Chicago Blackhawks prospect and Boston University goaltender Drew Commesso introduced amazing custom Supreme Mach pads in September 2022 — red and white to the theme of the Boston skyline.

How do the pads look?

Bauer’s Supreme Mach pads have a classic style that includes light color shading and few brand hits. “Bauer” and “Mach” are featured prominently in the front and outside edge of each pad. “Mach” appears near the skate straps in small type, with “Bauer” displayed in the shin area. Of course, “Supreme” was not going to be omitted from this design; it can be seen on the inside of the pad.

Why are the Bauer Supreme Mach pads unique?

Supreme Mach pads were designed with three features in mind — coverage, stability and balance. These pads are designed to flex properly for butterfly saves and five-hole coverage. An all-new calf support system provides better stability from the backside for improved comfort. Updated thermoformed “Slider” skin technology on the sides of each pad aids lateral movement. The Mach model fits into Bauer’s history of elite goalie pads.

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