Bauer Supreme Mach Gloves

Bauer Supreme Mach's first sighting: David Pastrňák during a game against the Montreal Canadiens in April 2023.

Bauer Supreme Mach's notable moment(s):

•Pastrňák and teammate Charlie Coyle are the only players to be seen with these gloves so far.

How do the gloves look?

The most recent version of Bauer’s popular Supreme line of gloves has a look similar to its predecessors. The Mach’s backhand side is a combination of the 2S Pro’s and Ultrasonics’ backhand design. Perhaps what makes the new gloves stand out most is on the thumb — Bauer’s new logo that resembles an “X” with a line connecting the two points on the right side. Furthermore, there appears to be a new symbol that is specific to the Supreme line stamped near the inside of the wrist. The word “Supreme” is also featured just below the new logo. The cuffs follow a traditional style of “Bauer” displayed in a circular direction.

Why are the Bauer Supreme Mach gloves unique?

If you’re looking for a glove that is tighter but with a reactive feel, then Supreme Machs are for you. The fit is described as anatomical and offers a more natural feel than other models. This reimagined Supreme glove has a top layer of EPP foam that provides a stiff lightweight layer of protection, while the DC tech withstands the impact from slashes. The cuff’s technology is known as Curv Composite AMP, which is designed to protect the wrist in all positions. Bauer’s three-piece middle and ring finger construction with triple density foam will help with impact protection. The inside features the new Thermo Core Zero liner, which is intended to keep the glove dry throughout duration of use. As sweat builds up, gloves become heavier — this liner works to limit moisture, keeping the gloves as light as possible.

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