Bauer Re-Akt 65 Helmet

Bauer Re-Akt 65's first sighting: Kirill Marchenko in a preseason game with the Columbus Blue Jackets in September 2023.

How does the helmet look?

Bauer’s Re-Akt 65 helmet is new but looks old. Essentially, it is a re-boot of the original Re-Akt helmet that has been around for over a decade. You’ll notice the helmet’s shell is nearly identical to the original. Vents and adjustment tools are in the same spots, along with every other feature. Despite this carbon copy, there are a few minor details to look out for when trying to identify this new version. First and foremost is Bauer’s new logo on the back of the helmet. Second is the blue interior that can be spotted, but obviously only from certain angles when on a player’s melon. Having said all of that, it will likely be difficult to find anyone who might be disappointed with Bauer’s decision to keep the appearance the same. This is because of the immense popularity that the original Re-Akt has had for so many years in the NHL. The look of the original shell is one that players clearly appreciate; therefore it makes perfect sense to not fix what isn’t broken.

Why is the Bauer Re-Akt 65 hockey helmet unique?

The outside looks the same as the Re-Akt, but the inside has been upgraded. PU foam is soft to the touch and has been placed in the most important areas that receive the most contact. This will assure superior protection from even the harshest collisions. Additionally, Bauer’s mono-lock tool free adjustment system returns for the Re-Akt 65. Customize your fit from anywhere with no tools required. This new version of an iconic helmet is sure to deliver the same confidence of “look good, play good” while still keeping you safe from harm.

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