Bauer Proto R Stick

Bauer Proto R's first sighting: Montreal Canadiens’ Cole Caufield at an informal skate with Bauer in mid-July 2023.

Bauer Proto R's notable moments:

•David Pastrnak was seen with a custom white version during NHL preseason/training camp in September 2023.

•Jack Eichel is known for being stubborn with his Supreme 1S graphic sticks, but he was using the Proto R graphic in September 2023.

•The Vegas Golden Knights had five Proto R users on their opening night roster for the 2023-24 NHL season.

How does the graphic look?

Many stick enthusiasts are saying Bauer’s new Proto R is reminiscent of the Vapor APX 2 stick from a decade ago. This might be due to the fact that its design is rather similar. The APX 2 had notable red shapes on the top of the shaft while the Proto R has a silver design on the shaft’s underside that resembles the beloved APX 2. With a black base, Bauer’s successor to last season’s AG5NT is nothing short of flashy. More APX 2 similarities include the small “Bauer” text located near the top of the shaft, written about three quarters the way up. As is becoming more common with Bauer sticks, this text is accompanied by their new logo. “Proto” is only visible once at the top of the shaft where it’s written downward where “Vapor” is usually located on Vapor sticks. Just below that, a circled “R” is seen to complete the name. Other notable text can be found at the midway point of the shaft. On the forehand side, “Loading” is written in small lettering. While on the backhand side in the same spot, “Chargement” can be seen which translates to loading in French. Lastly, a reference to Bauer’s Boron Fiber technology, “BORON5”, is written at the bottom of the hosel near the blade’s heel. It’s certainly another stick that caters to those who prefer the dark graphics, but certainly will not cost you any style points.

Why is the Bauer Pro R hockey stick unique?

As mentioned above, Boron Fiber technology is carefully placed throughout the stick to minimize weight but help maintain the same ‘juice’ for every shot. This technology is one of a kind, exclusive to Bauer, and has already been found in other sticks. Combined with some of the additional upgrades, the whole equation is sure to make the Proto R one of Bauer’s best sticks of all time. The blade has been enhanced with an added recoil and extra pop for better shots. Monocomp one-piece construction is crucial when it comes to energy transfer. The entire stick responds with maximum force with the appropriate amount of effort. The shaft is protected with a Textreme Carbon Fiber wrap that absorbs impacts, but also allows the stick to maintain its 345 grams in weight. Bauer’s technology continues to improve, and with that, so do the new sticks. The Proto R is sure to be one of the more advanced mid-kick sticks you have ever

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