Bauer Pro Series Gloves

Bauer Pro Series's first sighting: Kaapo Kakko on New Year’s Eve 2021 during a game against the Florida Panthers.

Bauer Pro Series' notable moments:

•Patrick Kane wore Pro Series gloves after he was traded to the New York Rangers in February 2023. This was the first time in several years that he did not don Nexus 1N gloves.

•Jason Zucker switched back to Bauer in January 2022; the Pro Series gloves were the final piece to make it official.

•Clayton Keller switched to Pro Series gloves in November 2021. His stick, helmet and skates are CCM, but he won’t let go of the Bauer Pro Series mitts.

How do the gloves look?

Bauer’s Pro Series is the most recent in its iconic four-roll family. With this model, Bauer drops the name “Nexus” but still captures most of the four-roll look that makes the series unique. The four rectangular block pads on the top of the hand stand out. The padding is covered mostly by leather, which also was present on the Nexus 2N model. To somewhat of a surprise, “Pro Series” appears in only one spot — at the top of the thumb, typically the most common place to feature the model’s name. “Bauer” appears a total of three times on the Pro Series glove — once in its usual spot around the cuff in large letters, on the inside of the cuff in smaller lettering, and in even smaller letters on the outside edge of the thumb.

Why are the Bauer Pro Series' gloves unique?

Pro Series’ fit has improved from previous four-roll gloves, thanks to its narrower design. From a comfort standpoint, the dual layer EPP foam, ivory palm and nash gussets allow your hands the freedom to move properly. Better movement contributes to better stickhandling, passing and shooting. For protection, the shell is constructed with Pro Lite Tex material.

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