Bauer Nexus Sync Stick

Bauer Nexus Sync's first sighting: Jack Eichel during an offseason ice session in July 2022.

Bauer Nexus Sync's notable moments:

•David Pastrňák joined the 100-point club on April 1, 2023, with a special all-black Nexus Sync graphic.

•Alexander Kerfoot scored the OT winner in Game 4 of the first round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs to give the Maple Leafs a 3-1 series lead in Round 1 against Tampa.

•Jonathan Toews played his last game as a Chicago Blackhawk with a Nexus Sync.

How does the graphic look?

This is the sleekest version of the Nexus model. Bauer introduces a silver tint and a five-sided geometry that improves both the look and feel of the stick. Bauer continued with the “Nexus blue” as featured in previous models (Nexus Geo and Nexus 2N), but there is a noticeable change in the focus. In other Nexus models, “Bauer” or “Nexus” took center stage. In this iteration, Bauer has cleverly focused on “Sync” — with an eye-catching hint of orange in the center of the backhand side of the shaft. The Bauer name is less pronounced than in earlier versions as it blends into the base color of the stick. “Nexus” is defocused as it is moved to the underside of the shaft near the blade. However, Bauer wastes no space on this graphic. The Sync’s underside is nicely done and would hold up well against many other sticks’ featured designs. In its entirety, the Nexus Sync’s contemporary design is excellent.

Why is the Bauer Nexus Sync unique?

The Nexus Sync weighs 25 grams less (365 grams) than its predecessor, the Nexus Geo. ACL 2.0 technology is behind this reduced weight — the stick is comprised of more thin carbon fiber layers than previous models. One feature borrowed from the Geo is ER Spine technology, which you might recall is the five-sided shaft that provides a unique and contoured feel to the player’s hands. Thinner carbon fiber layers also contribute to enhanced puck feel, while Bauer’s Connect Tech technology simultaneously dampens vibrations in the blade. Truly a great option for all styles of the game.

Bauer offers customized Nexus Sync sticks through MyBAUER. Customization includes personalizing with your name and jersey number, as well as choosing stick color. Bauer estimates a quick turnaround with delivery in 5-10 days. Bauer also has a Pro Custom option, which allows you to choose specifications of the entire stick — including flex and curve, the not-so-standard name/number personalization and shaft color. Bauer truly makes it a pro experience by offering your choice of kick point, taper, shaft geometry, blade core and more. Pro Custom sticks take 40-50 days for delivery. To browse all customized options, click the button above and select “custom” at the top of Bauer’s page.

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