Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates

Bauer Konekt's first sighting: Charlie Lindgren in a game for the St. Louis Blues in December 2021.

Bauer Konekt's notable moments:

•Andrei Vasilevskiy wore the first “final” pair, or non-prototypes, of the Konekt skates in March 2022.

•Spencer Knight switched from TRUE to Bauer Konekt skates before the 2022-23 season.

How do the skates look?

The Bauer Konekt is mostly black, accompanied by some green and hints of silver. Due to their no-lace feature, Konekt models are true pioneers in goalie skates. From a style perspective, we love it! Bauer deserves a tip of the cap for its placement of “Bauer” on the boots — “Bauer” can be seen on the outside of each boot, just above the heel. Furthermore, “Bauer” and its new logo are located on the back of each boot. These are essential locations for brand recognition on goalie skates because most of the skate is covered by pads. The shade of green — a very distinct color that is likely to catch the eyes of equipment experts — also plays a decent role in recognition.

Why are the Bauer Konekt goalie skates unique?

Bauer Konekt goalie skates were developed unlike others. First and foremost, the hassle of lacing your skates before every session is history. Instead, durable ski buckles can be adjusted for the best fit. The absence of laces on the boot also allows Bauer to experiment with new technology. “Hingeflex” technology is used at the upper heel and offers, according to Bauer, 22% more flexibility. Don’t forget about the custom fit. The Ultralon liner and Grilamid exterior combines to provide an ultimate fit for maximum comfort. The liner molds to the goalie’s foot and the one-piece shell resists all natural impacts that goalie skates face on a regular basis. This sets the bar for goalie skate advancements.

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